A 12 minute mile is just as far as a 7 minute mile.

We want to open up the world of running to people of all fitness levels.

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At O2 Fitness Studio we offer a running program centered on an interval-based approach to training for and completing 10k (6.2 miles) or half-marathon (13.1 miles) distances. Our goal is to create a community of runners. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment that gets you running, keeps you running injury-free, and helps you stay committed to your training goals.

We offer three training seasons a year to help you get started, go further, get faster, or just keep those feet moving: 

Spring Road Running Season (16 weeks) - begins February 25, 2018-June 10, 2018

Summer Trail Running Season (16 weeks) - begins July 1, 2018-October 14, 2018

Winter Wellness & Conditioning Season (12 weeks) - begins November 11, 2018-January 27, 2019

winter wellness & conditioning season

  • 3 month training schedule
  • Sunday morning group training session
  • 8:00 a.m. Sunday start time
  • Strength, conditioning and agility sessions
  • Road, trail and track sessions
  • Optional midweek group runs on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings
  • Private group Yin/Restorative/Breathing yoga sessions
  • 1:1 Laser Coaching Calls
  • Self-Care "Give A-Ways"
  • Training Shirt
  • Support and encouragement every step of the way
  • Enrollment Fee for Winter Wellness & Conditioning Season $159

Basic Training Package

  • 4 month training schedule Spring/Summer seasons, including midweek workouts
  • Time trial to determine pace and interval
  • Sunday morning group long "one" - nope it's not a typo, we have runners and walkers in our training program
  • Group midweek runs
  • Clinics discussing proper shoe fit, fueling for performance, biomechanics/gait, injury prevention, benefits of cross-training for athletes and heart rate training
  • Training Shirt
  • Support and encouragement every step of the way
  • Enrollment Fee for Spring and Trail Season $179

Basic Training + Balanced Conditioning Package

  • Basic Training Package
  • 16 studio classes (Spin®, Strength & Conditioning and yoga), a $224 value when purchased separately
  • Enrollment Fee for Spring and Trail Season $259
Before I started this program I would “run” a 3.1 mile loop around my neighborhood and would average anywhere from 13:30-14:30 min/mile. I was slow, heavy, and hated every step of it.

Today I ran the same route using a 1:1 interval and averaged 12:23 min/mile, and that’s including the 5-minute warm-up and cool down. I feel light, faster, better, and happy while doing it! I know it’s not huge, but I’m so excited and loving the program. I’m even thinking that if I can do this, maybe I’ll continue and train for a full marathon! ~ Rhonda T.
I have found my running family with Pam and the O2 Fitness team. The bonds and friendships that we have formed have carried over each season. I’m looking forward to many more seasons of reaching our goals together and having a blast doing it! ~ Amy G.