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owner and ACSM Certified personal trainer, rRCA certified running coach, spinning® certified instructor and B.S.

Raised in a family with a father who was a hard-core marathoner and relatives who owned an aerobics company-as well as having family members who were seriously unhealthy and overweight-set the stage for Pamela’s dichotomous relationship with health, wellness and fitness. “Since I was very young, there was always a focus on weight and exercise, but not always in a positive way,” explained Pamela. “It was a constant stressor in my family and in my life, and the discussion always came from a place of judgment.” So when Pamela had the opportunity to open a fitness studio in 2014, she was sure it would be a place of acceptance, encouragement and motivation.

Pamela’s background includes a variety of sports; softball, volleyball, track, cross-country, endurance distances, cycling and sprint triathlons. She has organized running events in the Albuquerque community, worked as Campaign Manager for the Team in Training (TNT) cycle and triathlon programs, and brought the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run Training Program to Albuquerque as his Program Director. With all this experience, Pamela felt well-prepared for an exciting business venture of owning and operating a boutique-style fitness studio in the heart of Albuquerque’s Sawmill District. 

If she’s not teaching a class, leading her endurance program, or working one-on-one with clients, she’s busy with the tasks of operating a business and being a single-mom. Carving out time to run and ride regularly and participating in events year-round, she also enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and getting outdoors whenever possible with her two kids.

michael adams

spinning® certified instructor and NASM CPT

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Michael has been physically active since an early age. Drawn to running after discovering that it not only kept him in shape, but it helped him manage the stress of college and part-time jobs. After some time pursuing competitive diving, Michael went on to major in dance at the University of New Mexico. The combination of fitness training and dance solidified his appreciation for total body fitness, including balance, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Although Michael enjoyed dance, ballet and jazz, he chose to take a different path after college and has built a career in architecture for the past 30 years. While building a career and raising a family he continued to run, bike and do anything physical to keep the stress at bay and keep his body feeling good. In early 2015, Michael made the decision to focus his time and energy in a field that brought him personal satisfaction and joy, and obtained his NASM personal trainer certification and Spinning® certification. 

When it comes to health and wellness, Michael’s biggest pleasure is watching his clients grow in their strength, ability, confidence, and most importantly, the enjoyment they experience with exercise.

Molly blumhoefer

spinning® certified instructor

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Molly grew up in Minneapolis, MN and has always been athletic. As a child, she spent many years in gymnastics & dance. She would regularly challenge neighborhood kids to sidewalk races & also competed in track. At the age of 14, she started cycling. It was her primary mode of transportation until moving to Albuquerque in her 20’s when she took up indoor cycling. She immediately became hooked! Molly enjoys leading classes that challenge clients strength & endurance abilities and carefully designs the structure of her classes to keep their heart rate in the aerobic training zone. Molly loves music, so her workouts are choreographed to a mixture of hip-hop, electronica, indie-pop, instrumental & oldies. 

Outside of the studio Molly is a full-time geography and environmental science professor at Central New Mexico Community College. She spends her “free time” with her husband, stepdaughter and dog Raymond.

jennifer heavner

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spinning® certified instructor

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tom mcguire

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ACE certified personal trainer

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Stephanie Mosher

spinning® certified instructor

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Stephanie grew up as an Army military brat and lived throughout the U.S. and Germany, ending up in Albuquerque where she planted her roots, graduating from UNM. As a kid she loved to ride her bike around the various Army posts and while in high school she found it to be an easy means of transportation in her town, at the time, of Darmstadt, Germany. 

Stephanie fell in love with indoor cycling about 5 years ago, when all those childhood memories were re-awakened taking her first indoor cycling class. Since then, Spinning® has become her “go-to” with her exercise routine, enjoying it so much that she often attends classes daily. Recently she became a certified Spinning® instructor when she realized it would be a great way to combine her love of riding with her enjoyment for inspiring and helping others meet their fitness goals. 
When Stephanie isn’t teaching a class or attending one, she enjoys riding her road bike outdoors, practicing yoga, running, walking and being outside as much as possible. She is the proud mother of two daughters and married to her college sweetheart. 

peter siebert

spinning® certified instructor

Peter Siebert_2894_crs.jpg

Peter has always enjoyed riding bikes, even as a little kid growing up in Santa Fe, when his dad would push him down the street time after time. If he had his way, he would only ride a bike. He has spent the last couple of years training outdoors for century rides and in the last year has become obsessed with Spinning®, primarily to build strength to keep up with his dad on those long outdoor rides.  

Peter loves the challenge and endurance benefits Spinning® has to offer and enjoys challenging his clients in a fun and comedic fashion. “Life can get serious, so sometimes it's nice just to smile and sweat!” explained Peter. When he’s not trying to hit those high miles on the bike, Peter’s working at a local architecture firm where he specializes in the software of designing 3D buildings, or hanging out with his wife and daughter in their downtown home.